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Welcome back, Dr. Xie Qingcheng.


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SUMMARY: despicable insane gong x paternal and indifferent divorced shou. the story between a youth with a unique psychological disorder and an apathetic doctor. nianxia.

PLEASE NOTE: slowburn, melodramatic, the back-and-forth in the romance plotline will go on for a while. this work is set in a fictional modern city, it doesn’t happen in our country or the real world, please don’t KY, please don’t take general comments as personal attacks, please don’t criticize, the medical illnesses, treatments, and institutions in this work have undergone evaluation by professional doctors, the evaluation result is that there’s no realism or scientific basis, it’s completely made up and can’t be taken seriously~ [doge.jpg]

TAGS: nianxia, urban romance, relationship angst, special abilities

KEYWORDS: main characters: Xie Qingcheng, He Yu | side characters: are side characters | other:

ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: youth with unique psychological disorder x apathetic doctor

MAIN POINT: comrades, please don’t succumb in the face of suffering.


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